Welcome to My New Travel Blog

Hoover dam, Nevada

Hi. I am new to blogging. I really love to travel. And food is my first love. I am from India and a bengali by ethnicity. I am new to United States and has started travelling here a lot. I would like to share my experience with everyone so that newbees like me do not face problem while travelling. May be later I can add few India tours here also. Subscribe me and get notified about my blogs.

Beautiful Acadia

View from Jordan Pond House

Acadia trail

Last weekend We visited Acadia National Park,Maine. Though the place is famous for its fall beauty, it is gorgeous even in scorching summer. And truly speaking, I am a vivid fan of greenery and mountains so had this planned to see the forest and mountain. Sea was just a bonus!! Continue reading “Beautiful Acadia”

First time witnessed 4th july fireworks

Today here I like to share my first time experience of witnessing 4th July fireworks at the Boston pops fireworks. 4th july is the independence day of America and one of the most cherished occasions here. As I am new to the States I thought this will be a delightful encounter. And it truly was enthralling. This was the biggest gathering of people I had ever seen in USA. Thousands of people, but there was no chaos. Well managed crowd by security personnel. Though there was a little shortage of parking spaces. We went around 8.30 and most of the places were already filled. But we went to a parking garage and got the car parked,it was 10 minutes away. Continue reading “First time witnessed 4th july fireworks”

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