Beautiful Acadia

View from Jordan Pond House
Acadia trail

Last weekend We visited Acadia National Park,Maine. Though the place is famous for its fall beauty, it is gorgeous even in scorching summer. And truly speaking, I am a vivid fan of greenery and mountains so had this planned to see the forest and mountain. Sea was just a bonus!! After I planned the holiday, I got to see there are many hotels inside the national park,in the bar harbour locality. Mostly were too overpriced because probably it was a long weekend of 4th july. Anyway I was staying outside the national park, just 2 mins away and had an awesome view of sea from my room. Few restaurants were also just beside it, at walking distance from the hotel.On the first day I visited the two most charming points in Acadia. One being Jordan pond and the other is Cadillac mountain, the tallest mountain of Acadia as well as the eastern coast of America. The Jordan pond, there is a exquisite restaurant which has the nicest view of the mountains. Jordan pond house. Food was lovely, you should try their popovers. Historically famous there. One point should be taken in mind before going to cadillac, that its in high altitude so you should be prepared if you’re going in the evening or in a windy day.

Jordan pond
Jordan pond
Cadillac mountain

On the next day, I went for hiking trails around the sand beach, otter cliff and thunder hole. The hiking is specially nice around the way from sand beach to otter cliff and you will find some amazing views from some of the points.The park loop road offers breathtaking views of the parks forests, ocean shoreline and high mountains. On my way back, I went to Sieur de Monts. It is a memorial of George B. Dorr. The garden had a lot of plants of different species, that would inspire botanists. I didn’t spend much time here.As travel stories are incomplete without food details, specially mine, I should mention that I had my lunch at bar harbour in the west street cafe, ordered shrimp scampi and grilled chicken sandwich. Food was incredible.

Park loop road scenarios
Shrimp scampi

Bar harbour

Sieur de monts

As we stated for 3 days, had enough time to visit nearby famous places too. I went to see The Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. The lighthouse is not open to the public,though visitors can view it closely through a short paved path or from the shoreline.

Bass Harbor Head lighthouse

The journey was so soothing and while coming back it was raining profusely and I felt like it completed my visit to the nature.

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