First time witnessed 4th july fireworks

Today here I like to share my first time experience of witnessing 4th July fireworks at the Boston pops fireworks. 4th july is the independence day of America and one of the most cherished occasions here. As I am new to the States I thought this will be a delightful encounter. And it truly was enthralling. This was the biggest gathering of people I had ever seen in USA. Thousands of people, but there was no chaos. Well managed crowd by security personnel. Though there was a little shortage of parking spaces. We went around 8.30 and most of the places were already filled. But we went to a parking garage and got the car parked,it was 10 minutes away. Boston pop fireworks takes place in the Charles river. It is just beside the MIT. The backdrop of it, is the city. Everone probably reach there long before and grab their spots with chairs, mats etc. We got a place to sit too. There were music,small food counters and toilets temporarily situated there. So pretty well for the mood to wait for it.It started around 10.30 and continued for like 25 minutes. It was spectacular. Everyone were cheering and enjoying. I’m from India so had many Diwalis there but it was quite different.

Published by Rituparna Chakraborty

I am a foodie and I love to travel.

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